Sharon Teal Coray was attacked by the Tabberones and here is her rebuttal.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Story.............

In 2008 the Tabberones saw fit to attack me for a simple error in judgement on my part. Since then their scathing article on me comes up when you put my name in "Google"
Unfortunately with the Internet we are all open to attacks and there is literally not much that can be done about it, plus there are a lot of crazy, bad people out there who thrive on things like this.
I know that many customers have read this and I just want them to hear my side of this story.
I am a Christian and believe that I need to forgive and I have done this with these people. I only have pity for them now as anyone who needs to do this sort of thing certainly has some problems.
They have tried to destroy me and my business but so far they have not succeeded. If anything it is doing better than it ever has.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tabberone's FAMOUS "Hall Of Shame!"

Karen Dudnikov and Michael Meadors
These two people have a site where they have set themselves up as God's. I don't know these people and have never done anything to them to them to warrant this horrible treatment but they have seen fit to put me in their "Hall of Shame".

Now you have to understand that the couple who do this are not nice people, not exactly someone I would want for a neighbor. I think they may not believe in God, from a remark that they made, so this would certainly explain why they do what they do and why they say the horrible things they say about me and a lot of other's.
The word evil comes to mind  because what they do is very evil.
They offer to let the poor people in their "Hall of Shame" a chance to rebut, but I have sent them a couple of emails that they would not put on their site...probably because I was being nice.
Also, they have a real creative imagination, or maybe it is a mental problem in either case they must have a lot of time on their hands....for they not only have publicised what I have written to EBay,( which was none of their business) but they have actually invented a lot of things I never said. Maybe they are a bit delusional.

They have gone so far as to call me ugly names, and accuse me of being someone else!  They actually "lifted" my copyrighted photo and artwork off my site and accused me of using symbols and artwork that I had not paid the artist for.
The artwork I use on my site is paid for by me to use on my site.....
they did not pay to use it...copyright infringement????? Need I say more on this issue?

They are very demented in their thinking and if you read some of the other posts in the Hall of Shame you will see a pattern. Just a lot of self-importance bloviating!
They are very mean, nasty, sick, people who love to bully. Yes, I did say can read some more on that from someone who sent them a lot of information on bullying, but of course they say it was me. Do they know how many enemies they have made?  Did they ever think that it could be anyone of them?

 There is no excuse for people to attack someone this way and think we are just going to keep still. If they wanted to be of help to small business' who sell on EBay, as they so proudly proclaim, they could have done it with more class. Name calling is just not necessary.
The fact that they do resort to name calling only shows us what they are really like, low class trailer trash that have found a way to make themselves seem "important" by destroying others.
Yes their site is very "important"..... it really "looks" it must be right? WRONG! Anyone with half a brain could do the same thing. But my question is "why"?
I don't think they are making money by doing this so "Why"?
Seeing that all of us are going to have an interview with God eventually I would hate to be in their shoes....and yes, Tabby's not believing God exists does not make it a is just a figment of your tiny minds.

What sort of people do this thing?

 Go to their site and take a few minutes to see the ugly, degrading comments these people are spouting. It sort of feels like you are back in kindergarten and listening to a bunch of bullies yelling and calling others bad names.
It is so very childish, they are truly demented sickos who obviously get their kicks out of this demeaning stuff.

I don't know her and have never done a thing to her so why did she feel it was necessary to write this....envy?
NOTE:Ms Putnam ordered some of my brush basins one year before she claimed to have invented them....yet she had the nerve to post shows her to be an envious nasty person. . She is the one who has hurt the industry with her blatant lies.
Diana sent this letter to the Tabberones....

Note the spelling!
I was also a victim of Sharon Teal Corays' scare tactics. She accused me of stealing her painters' brush basin. Or actually one of the members of her copywrite group...whom I also believe to have been Sharon herself. When I retaliated to the "lister" that Mz. Coray was the one who had "copied" my non copywritten brush basin and that I had proof by postmark, with documents of product, pictures, etc. and that maybe I was the one who should "file" a harrassment action against Sharon; further stating that one cannot copywrite an item that this required a patent and a patent could not be obtained because Sharon did not have the patent on the items she was using.....
When "whomever" realized that they were not dealing with someone who was ignorant to laws, and even though one more nasty email was sent to have "the last word" they "backed off" and I have NOT had any problems since. I have my brush basin back on my picture site and plan to continue advertising its' "for sale" knowing that I have the documentation needed and Mz. Coray realizes that she doesn't.
I have "heresay" that there are many others that she, or someone from her group have verbally tried to scare, some successfully, and she (Sharon) has done much to HURT the painting industry. I for one will not purchase any of her items, nor will I recommend or acknowledge her as a painter of "accreditation" to our industry.
Diana Putnam

Diana.....I think you owe me an apology. Here is just one of the posts I have saved that you have put up raving about MY BASIN.......
 Tue Feb 21, 2006 5:09 pm Brush Bunch Group
Notice the date of this post!   She had already purchased my basins and was raving about them and yet she claims she has a copyrighted basin first.

Diana Putnam wrote "I will take my Bliss mixer, (made just for the acrylic paintbottles). Just easier to strap the bottle in, turn on the switch forjust the right amount of shake, no worry and simplicity. It sitsright on the table next to me and I wonder how I did without thislittle gem. Between this and my Sharon Teal Coray brush basin withthe soft bristled bottom I am in painters' heaven.
Happy Painting everyone, hannahmaesporch"

Now if you invented it like you claim why would you put this on BB and tell them in another post that everyone should buy one? Then Diana went on to tell everyone how to make a basin.....if she were selling them why would she do this?
 Does not seem very nice does it?


Here is some of the delusions the Tabberones have posted on their site about me. (in RED)
May 21, 2007 - three whackjobs, Annie Long from Brisbane, Australia, Randy Teal, from Holladay Utah, and, whom we believe is actually Sharon Teal-Coray trying to be anonymous, have taken exception to this web page. Their emails and our comments have been added to the bottom of this page. Seems Sharon Teal-Coray has enlisted the help of friends and relatives to do her whinning for her. From now on maybe we should call her Sharon The-Born-Again-Coward.
My Rebuttal:
I don't know Annie Long.....never met her!
Randy is my brother and when he saw this he sort of came unglued, seeing lies about his sister was hard.
I have never heard of "Christian Beliefs and Truths" . I tried to "Google" it but could not find this just a made up name you created Tabberones?
I did not enlist anyone to come to my aid.
I fight my own battles.
I apologized to Whitty Wife and she went on her way selling my books.
I told the Tabberones I would find a way to forgive them even though they felt it necessary to try to destroy my reputation.  Which infuriated them. They sent me a scathing letter back telling me they didn't need to be forgiven by me!

Here is more of what they wrote:

"Sharon Teal-Coray and her "friends" claim we are violating her copyright. We are not. The web site of Sharon Teal-Coray plainly states: "Unauthorized copying or downloading is strictly prohibited without permission from Sharon Teal-Coray. Any infringement will result in legal action."

Sorry Tabby's but I do have rights to my art and no one can download or copy it without my permission. They are really out of touch here! now who is the bully? Who does not understand the copyright laws?

More dribble:
"So, Sharon Teal-Coray, why don't you sue us? You can't because we are not infringing. But your cowardly friends will continue to whine for you. Pathetic, really, as are you. We don't believe it is your "friends" emailing us with rude, crude, and obsessive rants; we believe it is YOU, in your born-again-Christian hypocritical mantra. Who else would take this much time and effort? You confirm our analysis; you are a narrow-minded bully who preys on the innocent. Bullies don't have the guts to stand up and be recognized for what they are; they hide in the bushes and behind anonymous emails. Look in the mirror Sharon; you are what you are calling us. Me a narrow minded bully who preys on the innocent?

I don't have friends that would email you with rude, crude and obsessive rants and I would not do that either!
Are your egos so tiny that you need to make up things about other people order to feel "BIG and Important"? Yes you are the narrow minded bully's here!

Oh there is more......

"She uses the following GIFs on her web site which we hardly believe SHE created. We doubt she asked for permission to use these before coping them from the designers. Theses gifs were on her web site in December 2006 but have been removed since she discovered this web site. What's the matter, Sharon? Isn't your motto, "Do as I say, not as I do"?

OK here we see of how far these little pinheads will go....every GIF I ever used was paid for or free to the public. Now who is not understanding the copyright laws?....
The Tabby's took my photos and gifs and put them up on their site without paying for them!
Now who is infringing? Have they paid for any of the things they have put up?
What is their motto...."I do whatever I want to do, to whom ever I want to, no matter what it does to the other person?"
I took the GIFS  and photos off my site because I didn't want to be associated with these creeps.
This is the best:
Look at the spelling.....they are really upset! :Bad spelling in green.
Sharon Teal-Coray has whinned to her "friends" who have taken up the email harrassment route, or think they have. Waht it really shows is that Sandy Utah artist is really a biiter old bag who snipes at those who exposed her for what she is instead of apologizing to those she has tried to harm. Oh, Sharon? Are you aware the harrassing email received June 4, 2007, originated from Stange coincidnce don't you think? Same provider as you at Was it something YOU sent? Give us a big cackle, why don't you, Sharon.
Is it me or are these two just dumb as many subscribers use Comcast? Just me? Have they ever heard that emails can be tracked??? Why didn't you track them? Maybe you did and found out it was not me..more lies!
It is a scary thought about how many harassing emails they must get.....
Sorry Tabby's they were not from me as hard as you try to convince the world they were.

Bitter old bag? snipping? Are you describing yourself? Me thinks so!
Seems their whole Hall of Shame is nothing but bitter snipping! Can you spell "Bitter" Tabby's? It is "bitter" not "Biiter"!
More garbage:
"Sharon claims to be a good Christian and that she forgives us our transgressions."

Yes that is right I am a good Christian which you obviously hate according to your posts here.
Too bad.... I will still pray for you, because people like you are lost and need prayers.
I just finished reading all the posts on the Hall of has really depressed me. I feel so sorry for the Tabby's, what kind of lives do they have being so angry with everyone?
They must just be filled with hate and hate can eat you alive.It can take years off your life!
My heart just went out to a couple on their site, the Tabby's posted a picture of their child and made such horrible remarks about her. An innocent child. Wow! This is the worst yet and they dare call other's "bottom feeders"???
We are granted the right to free speech however, educated, people with class and integrity would never say things like these two people do and think it is just fine.
Being a Christian, I know that I sin and I know that there is not one person on this earth that does not sin, however, to go after people in such a manner is juvenile.
They are certainly working with forces I would not want to encounter. You cannot do these terrible deeds if you believe in God. I will keep praying for their lost, dark souls....maybe they still have a chance to redeem themselves.
God is just.
God is good.
I thank him everyday for all the blessings I receive. Yes Tabby's I have many blessings in my life! Do you?

Here is what the US Copyright Office say's

Copyright information from the US Copyright Office
Here is what Copyrights are about.Copyright All rights are reserved under the Federal copyright law.Q. What is copyright? Copyright is a form of protection, sanctioned by the United States Constitution, that gives artists, the exclusive right to use and reproduce their works. All original works can be copyrighted. This includes , art works, sculpture, writings, music, photographs and computer software. Virtually all works created or first published after January 1, 1978 are protected by copyright. Many works created prior to 1978 are also protected. Copyright protects original works of authorship that are fixed in tangible form. This includes photographs, literary works including non-fiction and fiction, letters, music, lyrics, sound recordings, pictorial, graphic and sculptural works, motion pictures, audiovisual works, computer software, and architectural works. Personal letters, e mails, catalog descriptions and doodles are protected by copyright. To copyright a work it has to be an original.The Copyright Act is federal law, not state law. therefore, the law is uniform throughout the United States. Because the United States has signed several international copyright agreements, copyright protection is effective essentially all over the world.
1. Owners of copyright have the exclusive right to use and copy their works.
2. Copyright owners can also authorize others to use their works.
3. The use or copying of any work without permission from the owner of the copyright is a violation of the United States Copyright Act. Copyright gives the creator or author of a work the power to control the work. The owner of the copyright has the exclusive right to control if, when, how and how often his or her work can be used or copied. The person who creates a work is the owner of the copyright.The unauthorized use of a copyrighted work is called an infringement. The Copyright Act provides stiff penalties for infringing copyrighted works. Penalties can include monetary damages, all attorney fees and possibly all profits earned by the infringers from the unauthorized use of the copyrighted work.A court may also order the destruction of all infringing copies. It is not necessary to have set proof that someone has copied a work in order to prove copyright infringement. Infringement can be established simply by proving that the alleged infringer had access to the copyrighted work and that the offending work is significantly similar to the original. Just because you own photograph, a painting or any other copyrighted work does not give you the right to copy or to use the work other than for personal use. You could commission an artist to paint your portrait but you would only be able to frame and display the work. Unless both parties agree, the artist owns the copyright and the work cannot be copied or reproduced, unless that artist sells or gives the copyright away. No one can photocopy an entire book or pattern packet without violating the copyright owners exclusive rights in the work. If you photocopy a copyrighted image without permission it is infringement. When there is an infringement, the owner of the copyright can sue for damages. All lawsuits for copyright infringement will be brought to federal court, not state court.The owner of a copyright can always claim whatever damages he has actually sustained as a result of an infringement plus whatever profits were earned by the infringers from the unauthorized use of a work.The owner of the copyright can elect to seek the whichever is greater his actual damages plus the profits earned by the person who infringed or damages of up to $100,000 plus attorney's fees and court costs. ********************************************************** Yes Tabby's I do have rights no matter how hard you try to convince me and the world that I don't.

who I am

I am first of all a Christian, I love my Saviour and have no problems stating this. I am an honest, loving, giving person who is blessed with a loving husband, daughter,son grandson ,and two beautiful granddaughters. During my life I have experienced a lot of hardships just like the rest of us, but with God's grace I have been able to withstand most of them....I guess it is true that He will not give us more than we can handle. View my complete profile

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